Westfield Technical Academy Hall of Fame

Mission Statement:

To honor members of the alumni who have distinguished themselves as an advocate for “Career Technical Education” by their continued dedication and commitment to our school and community.

Eligibility Requirements for Induction into the Westfield Technical Academy's Hall of Fame

The person must have the following criteria to be considered for selection:

  1. Graduated from Westfield technical Academy 10 years ago or more.

  2. Attained a successful competency in a Career Technical Field.

The person shall be considered for selection based on the following criteria such as:

  1. Attending School Functions.

  2. Promoting Vocational Education throughout the community.

  3. Serving on advisory boards of WTA.

  4. Speaking out on the value of career technical education to current students.

  5. Exemplifies career technical education by deeds and actions.

  6. Volunteers to help at school functions.

  7. Co-op employer.

  8. Volunteer recruiter for school.

  9. Brought favorable comments to the school because of personal accomplishments.


  1. The committee will be known as the “Westfield Technical Academy Alumni Hall of Fame Committee.”

  2. The committee will consist of three members that are current or retired Chapter 74 certified.

  3. The committee will meet at Westfield Technical Academy every 3 months or more if needed.

  4. The committee will consider the selection of a Westfield Technical Academy Alumni once a year.

  5. The process of selection will be as follows:

    • Nomination forms sent out to Career Technical Shop.

    • Review of nomination forms by committee.

    • Selection by committee.

    • Selection given to principal of Westfield Technical Academy for approval.

    • Letter sent from Building Principal to inductee offering congratulation on induction into the Westfield Technical Academy Alumni Hall of Fame,

  6. Recognition of Alumnus will take place during Vocational Technical Education week at a luncheon during the school day and at a school committee meeting.

  7. Invitees to the luncheon should include but not limited to the Individual who nominated Alumnus, Hall of Fame committee members, Inductee’s family members, Principal of Westfield Technical Academy, Superintendent of Schools, Mayor of Westfield, Westfield School Committee and City Council Members.

  8. A plaque with picture and alumnus’s contributions will be permanently displayed in an appropriate place in the school.