Admissions Policy


Application Scoring Sheet


An admission process is necessary in vocational technical schools where space is a limiting factor. Career technical shops are designed and equipped to serve a specific maximum number of students safely. Consequently, a complex of such shops lacks both the space and flexibility to accommodate the possible needs and/or interests of all applicants. Therefore, a selection process is necessary.


Westfield Technical Academy admits students and makes available to them its advantages, privileges and courses of study without regard to race, color,sex, religion, national origin, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, and homelessness status (McKinney/Vento Act).

If there is a student with limited English proficiency, a qualified representative from WTA will assist the applicant in completing the necessary forms and will assist in interpreting during the entire application process upon the request of the applicant.

Students who are disabled may voluntarily self-identify for the purpose of requesting reasonable accommodations during the entire application process.

Information on limited English proficiency and disability submitted voluntarily by the applicant, for the purpose of receiving assistance and accommodations during the entire application and admissions process, will not affect their admission to the school.


Any eighth, ninth, or tenth grade students, who expects to be promoted to the grade they seek to enter by their sending school is eligible to apply for fall admission to Westfield Technical Academy. Resident students will be evaluated using the criteria contained in this Admission Policy. Priority for admissions is given to Westfield residence. All students, including Westfield students are required to complete the application process.

Students who are not residents of Westfield are eligible to apply for fall admission or admission during the school year subject to the availability of openings provided they expect to be promoted to the grade they seek to enter by their local district. Nonresident students will be evaluated using the criteria contained in this Admission Policy.

Transfer students from other vocational technical schools are eligible to apply for fall admissions or admissions during the school year to grade 9-12 at WTA provided they expect to be promoted to the grade they seek to enter by their current school. Transfer students will be evaluated using criteria contained in this Admission Policy.

Non–resident applicants must also submit a Chapter 74 Non –Resident Tuition Application to their superintendent in their home school district for approval. The deadline for approval is April 1st.  Applications are provided by this school upon request or on the Department of Secondary and Elementary Education website.


Westfield Technical Academy is a public vocational technical high school located on a scenic campus in Westfield, Massachusetts. Westfield Vocational Technical High School is a member of the Westfield Public School System and is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. Westfield Technical Academy is committed to providing quality vocational technical programs.

It is the responsibility of Westfield Technical Academy's principal to supervise the administration of the policies and procedures required to admit and to enroll applicants in conformity with this Admissions Policy.

Westfield Technical Academy has an Admission Committee appointed by the Principal.The committee consists of members of the Guidance Department, Admissions and Special Education. Responsibilities of the Admission Committee Include:

  • determination of standards for admission
  • development and implementation of admissions procedures
  • processing of applications
  • ranking of students
  • acceptance of students according to the procedure and criteria in the admission policy
  • establishment and maintenance of a waiting list of acceptable candidates

Westfield Technical Academy’s Assessment/Marketing Coordinator is responsible for disseminating information about WTA through local school assemblies and press releases and for collecting applications from local schools.


Westfield Technical Academy engages in recruitment activities that encompass the full sphere of marketing vocational technical education to students, parents, sending schools, business & industry, post secondary institutions, public agencies and the general public.  Specific activities are outlined below:

WTA Marketing/Assessment Coordinator, the Principal and Assistant Principal along with other support staff conduct 8th grade assemblies at both Westfield Middle Schools and other Middle Schools and Junior High Schools in the catchment area in November, December, January and February. During the assembly:

  • A video is presented that gives students/ parents an overview of WVTHS. This includes career pathways and training available.
  • The Program of Studies Guide and brochures describing the Individual programs are distributed.
  • Students are encouraged to consider non-traditional career paths.
  • All Westfield Middle School 8th grade students are given a tour during National Vocational Education Week  in February. Students from the surrounding communities are given tours in small groups and/or on an individual basis at a mutually convenient time.
  • An evening Open House is held during National Career Technical Education Week in February.


Communication with guidance at the Middle Schools and parents is frequent to insure timeliness in receiving applications for admission. Applications are available from Westfield Technical Academy located at Smith Ave.Westfield, MA 01085 and at Students and parents will have the opportunity to tour WTA and observe technical training programs and activities in operation prior to submitting an application.

1.Students interested in applying to Westfield Technical Academy for fall admission may also:

  1. Obtain an application from their local school Guidance Counselor as early in the school year as possible.
  2. Return a completed application with the appropriate signatures to their school’s guidance department prior to April 1st.

2.It is the responsibility of the local school Guidance Counselor to:

  1. Complete their portion of the application form.
  2. Forward completed application to the Assessment/Marketing Coordinator at Westfield Technical Academy prior to April 1st.

Completed applications include:

  1. Academic records,specifically: math, English, science, and social studies of applicants’ previous years’ report card and first and second quarter marks for the current school year.
  2. Unexcused absences and tardies, for the previous school year and first and second quarter marks for the current school year
  3. Discipline records for the previous school year, and first and second quarter marks for the current school year.
  4. Local school guidance counselor recommendation is required.

*The Admission Committee will review all submitted material.

3.If incomplete applications are received, the following procedures will be followed:

  1. The Admissions Office at WTA will notify the local school Guidance Counselor responsible for submitting the application that the application is incomplete and will request completion.
  2. The applicant’s parent(s)/ guardian(s) will be notified by WTA in the event that the problem is not resolved by the local Guidance Counselor.
  3. If after notifying the local Guidance Counselor and parent(s)/guardian(s), the application remains incomplete for ten school days, the application will be voided.


Applications received after April 1st will be evaluated using the same criteria as other applications and their composite score will be integrated in rank order on the established waiting list.


Applications from students who are enrolled in a state approved (Chapter 74) vocational technical high school programs in another school will be considered for admissions (including admission during the school year) if they relocate away from their current school and wish to pursue the same program of study at WTA. All transfer applicants must attend an interview at WTA. If the applicant or parent/guardian cannot provide transportation, an official from WTA will go to the local school to interview the applicant. Their application will be evaluated according to the provisions of this Admission Policy.


Students who withdraw from WTA and who are attending or not attending another high school may reapply to WTA following the procedures contained in this admission policy and will be evaluated using the criteria contained in this Admission Policy.


The Admissions Committee processes applications using weighted admissions criteria.Each applicant will be assigned a score derived from the sum of the sub scores of the following criteria. Each of these criteria will be assessed and points will be assigned. Applicants may earn a total of 100 points.

1. Scholastic Achievement: Maximum 20 points

Grades from the 1st and 2nd term of the current year and the final report card of the previous year in English, Math, Science, and Social Studies will be averaged and assigned point values according to the following scale:

                A  (90-100)                            5 Points

                B   (80-89)                             4 Points

                C   (70-79)                             3 Points

                D   (60-69)                             2 Points

                E   ( 0-59 )                             0 Points


Calculations are based on the grade average from the previous completed school year and grade average from the current school year (terms 1 and 2).


2. Attendance: Maximum 20 points

                0-10     Days absent                            20 Points

                11-20   Days absent                            15 Points

                21-30 Days absent                              10 Points

                31-40 Days absent                               5 Points

                41 or More Days Absent                         0 Points

The sum of the previous school year and terms 1 and 2 of the current year of unexcused absences as defined by the District from the local school report card/transcripts are used.

3. Student Interview: Maximum 20 points

Each applicant will be interviewed. The interviews will be scheduled with assistance of the Middle School and/or sending school guidance counselors at the home school during the school day.


5questions will be asked using a Rubric scale from 1 -4 points for each question. The individual score for each student interviewed will be factored in the total overall score. The maximum score earned on the interview portion is20 points.

4. School Discipline/Conduct: Maximum 20 points

                Excellent—(zero infractions)                            20 Points

                Above Average—(1 -3 infractions)                    15 Points

                Average—(4 – 6 infractions)                            10 Points 

                Below Average—(7 – 10 infractions)                  5 Points

Poor—(more than 10 infractions)                             0 Points

5.Local Guidance Recommendation: Maximum 20 points

                    Excellent                                           20 points

                Above Average                                   15 points

                Average                                            10 points

                Below Average                                    5 points

                Poor                                                  0 points


Applications will be reviewed using the standard admissions criteria. An Application Assessment Form will be completed for each completed application.  A waiting list of eligible applicants will be established for the current school year and students from the list will be accepted as space is available.


In order to enroll at Westfield Technical Academy, applicants must have successfully passed English Language Arts or its equivalent, math, and been promoted by their local school district to the grade they seek to enter.Students who fail English Language Arts or its equivalent or math will be required to take and pass comparable make up course(s) in a summer school program provided by their local school district or another school district.

Applicants will be advised to make up any failed courses required for promotion and /or graduation.

Acceptance and enrollment at Westfield Technical Academy is conditioned upon the accuracy and completeness of a student’s application. Westfield Technical Academy reserves the right to revoke its conditional acceptance of any student, at any time, if it determines that the student provides inaccurate, incomplete, or misleading information during the application process.


Students and parents will be informed by mail of their status by May 15th for applications received by April 1st.

Anon-mandatory orientation program for new students and their parents will beheld in August of each year. Included in the program will be general school information and a presentation explaining the Exploratory Program and emphasizing nontraditional trades and opportunities for males and females at Westfield Technical Academy.


All9th grade students will participate in an exploratory program during the first half of the school year.  The exploratory is designed to help them learn about their talents and interests relative to a variety of different career-technical programs. Each student will visit 11shops for a (1) day mini exploratory. The goal of the mini exploratory is to expose the student to the curriculum, occupational outlook, etc. Upon completion of the mini exploratory the students will choose (4) four shops based on availability, spending one week in each shop. The students are evaluated by the shop teachers, in (5) five areas: CONDUCT, WILLINGNESS TO FOLLOW INSTRUCTION, TASK COMPLETION/ WORKMANSHIP, PERSONAL SAFETY AND SAFETY HABITS,and ATTENDANCE and PUNCTUALITY. At the end of this four-week exploratory period,each student selects his/her program of choice, as well as a second choice from the four explored shops. Students are admitted into the shop of their choice based on the point total. For example a student with a point total of 98 will be admitted before a student with a point total of 92. If a shop fills, based on the point total, before the student gets his/her first choice, the assessment coordinator then moves to the students’ second choice depending upon whether there is an opening in the shop. Again, the student is admitted based upon the point total.  If a student’s point total in all shops is so low that they were not placed in their second choice shop, then the assessment coordinator will meet with the student and present a list of the shops with openings.

Students who enroll in Westfield Technical Academy after grade nine may explore vocational technical programs that have opening, before making a program selection. Students are evaluated and graded by each shop teacher during the period of exploration. If the number of enrollees seeking a particular shop exceeds the number of openings, the evaluative grades received by the students rank ordered would determine the enrollee or enrollees who are placed in the particular shop.

Students who wish to transfer from one career technical program to another during the school year may apply for transfer. Transfer requests will be considered subject to the availability of openings in the requested career technical program. Each transfer applicant will be interviewed and counseled individually to determine the appropriateness of the transfer for the particular student.


The applicant’s parent(s)/guardian(s), upon receipt of a letter from WTA indicating that the applicant was not accepted or placed on a waiting list, may request a review of the decision by sending a letter requesting a review to the Superintendent within thirty days of the receipt of the letter. The Superintendent will respond in writing to the letter with the findings of the review within thirty days. If after the review, the parent/guardian wished to appeal the findings of the review they may do so by sending a letter requesting that they be scheduled to appear before the School Committee to appeal the Superintendent’s findings. The School Committee will respond in writing to the parent/guardian with a scheduled date for the appeal within thirty days of the receipt of the letter.  The School Committee will respond in writing to the letter with their decision on the appeal within thirty days of the School Committee meeting when the appeal was presented.