Purple Team

Teachers on the Purple Team include:

Mr. Daub - Special Education Science and History - t.daub@schoolsofwestfield.org
Mrs. Ferrari - Social Studies - a.ferrari@schoolsofwestfield.org
Mrs. Higgins - Special Education Math - m.higgins@schoolsofwestfield.org
Mrs. McClaflin - Math - p.mcclaflin@schoolsofwestfield.org
Ms. Hezik - Special Education/English - c.hezik@schoolsofwestfield.org
Mr. Roberts - Science - da.roberts@schoolsofwestfield.org

Team Meetings are held first period (7:22 a.m. - 8:04 a.m.) during A weeks.
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Purple Team Requirements & Expectations

  • Make-up work must be picked up within TWO days of your return to school even if it’s a shop week.
  • Make-up work due dates will be set with the teacher when work is picked up.
  • Assignment Book must be acquired by Monday. Students will be required to write down assignments for each academic class on a daily basis.
  • Freshman field trips-Students must have a 60% or above in two academic courses to be signed out on a field trip by their academic teachers.
    • This applies to any freshman going on a field trip that will interfere with academic classes.
  • For individual teacher requirements please see teacher syllabus.

Make up and extra help days (after school)

English: Mrs. Hezik -Wednesday or any other day by appointment

History: Mrs. Ferrari -Tuesday and Thursday

Science: Mr. Roberts -Friday

Math: Mrs. McClaflin -Tuesday