Cooperative Education

The Cooperative Education Program provides an opportunity for students to participate in paid employment in their career and technology programs. Third semester juniors and seniors who have met academic, attendance and discipline requirements and received a positive recommendation from all of their teachers are eligible to work during their training week for area employers. They receive fair and competitive wages and valuable work experience. During this time, students are expected to maintain their vocational and academic grades and continue to have good attendance and discipline at school.


Student eligibility criteria are a very important part of cooperative education. Students are encouraged to work hard to become eligible to participate in cooperative education. The criteria used is checked for the marking period prior to cooperative education commencing and maintained during the cooperative education experience. The following is a list of eligibility criteria:

  • Possession of a Career Plan
  • Minimum age of 16
  • Shop/related grade minimum (please see your teacher)
  • Academic grade minimum (minimum grade of 70 per class)
  • Student enrolled in an approved vocational technical education program and who have demonstrated the acquisition of the knowledge and skills in the applicable Vocational Technical Education Framework and the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks associated with at least one and one half years of full time study in the vocational technical cooperative education program area, and in no case enroll students earlier than midway through the junior year
  • Teacher recommendation/approval (shop/ related/ academic)
  • Administrative recommendation/approval to ensure good discipline/conduct and attendance
  • Guidance counselor recommendation/approval
  • Parent/guardian approval


Every student who wishes to participate in cooperative education must complete an application. The application must include the student's biographical information. The form should be circulated to all teachers (technical & academic) to ensure that eligibility requirements are being met. The school counselor, assistant principal or principal must also sign the application.

Contact Mr. Ollari, Student Services Coordinator at:

Phone/Fax: (413) 572-6533 Extension 60004