January 2019

Hello WTA Family!

Welcome to the New Year 2019!  I hope you all had a wonderful winter vacation and were able to enjoy a lot of rest and relaxation in the company of family and friends.

As we enter 2019, filled, I hope, with a sense of promise, possibility, and eagerness, it is well that we think about how we might “do things differently”.  May I suggest that we spend more of our time caring for and going out of our way for each other; more of our time listening instead of talking; and more of our time remembering that our lives are never measured by what we get so much as they are by what we give.  Perhaps we could get into the habit of doing at least one nice thing each day for someone who’ll never find out? Think about it…

Again, happy New Year, and, as always, please know how grateful I am for all that you do on behalf of WTA!


Joe Langone