WTA Exploratory Program

All ninth grade students have the opportunity to explore all of our eleven career technical programs for a “one day” overview of each particular career pathway offered by each program. Ninth grade students will begin their individual career plans and goal setting standards as they assess each shop. After every student has rotated through the eleven career technical program, they must begin to focus their choices to six programs. WTA will place each student in their respective first two choices and will select two out of the remaining four based on availability.

Ongoing career development throughout the one week rotation is critical to every student as they will have to narrow their career technical program to two choices before the end of the second term.

The final phase of the program selection process is when the student becomes selected into their program based on performance, grades,attendance, behavior and aptitude. Once students are selected, they have the responsibility to work closely with their parents, guidance counselors,administration and teachers to assure that their choices align with their career plan and goals.